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.: Google dealing with privacy bugs in Google+ - 6th Jul 2011

"Google's new social networking site Google+, built to beat Facebook primarily on privacy features, has several privacy bugs the company is working to fix. While some enthusiastic beta testers clamor for Google to open the social networking site to everybody now, it's clear Google needs to address these issues before launching Google+ more broadly..."
[PC World]

.: Congress begins major push to update privacy law - 17th May 2011

"The U.S. Congress took the first major step today toward updating a 1986 law, crafted in the pre-Internet era of telephone modems and the black-and-white Macintosh Plus, to protect the privacy of Americans who use mobile phones, Web e-mail, and services like Google Docs, Flickr, and Picasa..."

.: Business 2.0: Privatising privacy - 12th May 2011

"Something rather interesting is happening to privacy, in the breakneck world of the internet. It's being privatised. Legislatures around the world are flummoxed by the sheer breadth of the internet-related privacy issues piling up with exponential speed on their doorsteps...."

.: Hackers Claim to Have PlayStation Users’ Card Data - 2nd May 2011

"Security researchers said Thursday that they had seen discussions on underground Internet forums indicating that the hackers who infiltrated the Sony PlayStation Network last week may have made off with the credit card numbers of Sony customers..."
[NY Times]

.: Web Surfing Activity Vulnerable to 'History Sniffing' Report Says - 1st May 2011

"On the heels of a government report pushing a "do not track" option for Web browsers, a recent study from the University of California-San Diego finds that browser vulnerabilities can allow access to your Web-surfing history. Researchers cautioned, however, that the practice is not as harmful as malicious software attacks like malware..."
[PC Mag]

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