Encryption Introduction

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  The email you send on the Net is essentially a digital postcard. A nosy mailman or neighbour can glance at what's written on it as it visits the many stops along the route from the sender to the receiver's mailbox. We currently rely on the sheer volume of traffic to keep our email private-- security by obscurity. Not exactly the best way to ensure that sensitive information doesn't get widely distributed to the wrong people.

Encryption (aka Crypto) is the process of turning a legible clear-text message into a data stream that looks like a meaning less sequence of bits, this is useful for sending confidential information over a public network (e.g. the Internet) and preserving privacy.

Encryption has useful and practicable uses, for instance if you're sending your credit card over the Internet, you want to ensure it's secure. Other uses include sending confidential corporate data to clients such as blueprints, business plans, contracts etc.

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