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.: Web users sue companies claiming use of Flash cookies is a hack - 14th Sep 2010

"Content sharing service Clearspring and some of its customers, including a Walt Disney subsidiary and Warner Brothers, are being sued over the alleged use of Flash cookies to track the actions of children. The companies are being sued in a class action suit which claims that the technology is being used to track their web usage without proper notice..."

.: Gang Uses Facebook to Rob Houses - 14th Sep 2010

"Police in Nashua, New Hampshire broke up a robbery ring this week that was using Facebook to plan their heists. The gang was monitoring Facebook pages to determine when a target would be out of their home and then robbed it. Some 50 home robberies were reported in the city with a population of 85,000 during August alone, although only 18 have been linked to the Facebook gang so far..."
[PC World]

.: Retargeting Ads Follow Surfers to Other Sites - 30th Aug 2010

"The shoes that Julie Matlin recently saw on were kind of cute, or so she thought. But Ms. Matlin wasnít ready to buy and left the site. Then the shoes started to follow her everywhere she went online. An ad for those very shoes showed up on the blog TechCrunch. It popped up again on several other blogs and on Twitpic..."
[NY Times]

.: Ad Firm Sued for Allegedly Re-Creating Deleted Cookies - 25th Aug 2010

"Specificmedia, one of the netís largest ad-serving and tracking companies, has been hit with a federal lawsuit accusing the company of violating computer intrusion laws by secretly re-creating cookies deleted by users. At issue is the use of Adobe Flash to keep copies of a userís browser cookies in order to re-spawn cookies after users clear them..."

.: Radio Frequency Identification Tags: Identity Theft Danger or Modern Aid? - 19th Aug 2010

"In a recent NewsHour report on cybersecurity, we showed security expert Chris Paget, shown above, climbing on a 29th floor hotel balcony in Las Vegas to demonstrate how he could read radio frequency identification tags at "long distances."..."

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