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Cookies have been a topic of controversy for a number of months. The awareness of computer users about cookie files is increasing with media coverage and public discussion. While advertisers and privacy groups remain at odds over the potential value of cookies, they remain in wide usage. Options for rejecting cookies are now readily available to most users, as well as a variety of add-on programs which will eliminate cookie files altogether. Some users may not mind having cookies used to make their web browsing more convenient, while others may consider their privacy concerns of greater importance than the time it takes to enter a password or fill out a form.

As with all Internet issues, cookies are a relatively new topic and time will tell if they will fall into the patterns of abuse that have concerned Internet privacy advocates. It may be that the Open Profiling Standard will render the entire debate meaningless, or that cookies will become a standard part of the Internet landscape. What is clear is that Internet users should be educated as to the nature of cookies, who is using them and for what purpose, and what their realistic privacy alternatives are. Until Internet privacy standards are adopted, an informed decision is the best option.

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