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   Anti-Cookie Software

Since cookies are still accepted by the popular browsers, there has been increasing information given to users on how to control or eliminate cookies. In addition to advice in many technical publications on the proper methods of deleting cookie files, add-on software packages have been designed that automatically delete or reject cookies. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Encryption designer Phil Zimmerman plans to offer a program called PGP Cookie Cutter that will use filters to "either block or allow cookies at a user's command" (Memon). Luckman's Anonymous Cookie is software available free of charge for Windows 95 users. It "instantly disables all cookies in your cookie directory or cookie file and allows you to browse the World Wide Web with anonymity." ("Hide Your Cookies")

Another piece of no-cost PC software is the Cookie Crusher which automatically accepts or rejects cookies from user-selected sites. A free program for Macintosh users is the Cookie Monster program that automatically deletes the MagicCookie and cookies.txt files at each startup. There are other low and no-cost software packages available for users who have privacy concerns about receiving cookies. Advertisers feel that "using blockers is a self-defeating exercise... 'Ultimately, what they will get if they do this is a very bland version of the World Wide Web. There is a price to be paid.'" (Memon). With so many anti-cookie programs becoming available, however, it may be that a number of users are disagreeing with the advertisers and opting for privacy over convenience.

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